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MovieBox Pro Download- Complete User Guide

If you are a big fan of movies from different categories, MovieBox Download is must through which you can enjoy all your favorites for free. In fact, Moviebox Apk is one of the best streaming services to download and watch hundreds of best movies, Music, TV shows, and videos free with Movie box. With only several clicks, you can install MovieBox APK so easily on any iPhone, iPod or iPad with or without jailbreak. So if you are a fan of all latest movies and old hits, MovieBox Pro is a must have app on the device. Then why wait?

MovieBox Download Apk Features

As a movie streaming app, MovieBox has so many interesting features. So check them out before you Download MovieBox apk and make sure you are taking the best live streaming app to watch movies and so much more.

moviebox apk

  • Required no sign up- MovieBox Pro has the best user experience with most comfortable techniques. In fact, you do not need any login details like username or password to sign up with MovieBox. So it is very easy to start up with the app
  • Completely free- MovieBox App is a completely free app that requires no single payments. In fact, MovieBox is a completely free app you can download and run for free
  • Best GUI features- one of the biggest advantages of Movie box is its supporting user interface. The app comes with extremely decent user interface where the user can easily interact. So you can easily search through movies and TV shows on this supporting interface
  • No lags and buffering- Moviebox processes on good internet. So you would hardly get interrupted with lags and buffering while you are busy searching your favorites through MovieBox
  • Connection to social media- MovieBox Apk is connected to social media. So you can easily share your favorite movies, music or anything through social media and make them more popular among all
  • Download Movies- with Moviebox you have the best experience of watching your favorite movies. And if you like you can also download or just keep paused to watch late
  • Updates to MovieBox- Thanks to the developers, MovieBox receives updates from time to time. So if you stay with MovieBox, you can be so updated about what are the trending TV shows, what are the latest releases and more
  • Search through different categories- Everything inside the MovieBox app is categorized in a proper order. Under different categories like HD, Popcorn time, Cinema HD, Sky HD and more
  • Different resolutions- MovieBox users can get various options in picking the resolution. According to data support you will get resolution options to 360p, 480p, 720p and 1080p full HD
  • Get notifications- To stay updated about the latest series, episodes and updates, you need to get proper notification support. So here MovieBox supports you with notifications making you not miss anything important
  • Filter results- According to the quality and genre, you are allowed here to filter results. So it is easier to meet up with the right result here if you choose to get MovieBox APK

How to Download MoviBox Apk on iPhone?

Download MoviBox is not complicated when you are with a reliable source. And it can simply install as well. Just after the installation, you can reach a heap of interesting videos, trailers, music tracks, TV shows, Movies and new as well. There are two key options of MovieBox download as MovieBox for free and MovieBox Pro. So the second option is a paid option while there is a free package as well.

And the best thing is MovieBox HD is not just for smart devices. It can establish on your desktop as well. There are a couple of recommended websites and app stores such as TuTuApp where you can search and download MovieBox safely.

It is not complicated, whenever you need to uninstall MovieBox to remove from your device. You can safely get rid of everything related just with a couple of clicks.

Why MovieBox Pro?

Download MovieBox Pro means the premium version of MovieBox. Of course, there is a difference between these two editions of the application. While free users can play with selected features, MovieBox Pro has boundless performances and features to play through. If you are interested in features that will surround, check out the given features list above to get an idea about.

MovieBox HD from Cydia app store

This is for users who jailbreak their devices and downloaded Cydia app store. Since Cydia only offers applications with advanced features and performances, you can download Moviebox as well as an advanced edition. But this does not mean you must become a jailbreak user to download MovieBox HD. It opens for both jailbreak and non-jailbreak users.

Compatibility of MovieBox Download APK

You can download MovieBox on any iPhone, iPad or iPod and that running above iOS 7.0. And it compatible with the latest iOS 13.0 as well including iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. In addition, Windows XP and later up to Windows 10 as well welcome MovieBox Pro. When there is an Android Smartphone or Tablet, t should be Android 4.0 or later to perfectly perform.

MovieBox App FAQ

What is the difference between the MovieBox Free and MovieBox Pro?

Let’s see what are the major differences between these two packages? The MovieBox Free package will offer you as 360-only. And the app will display advertisements. But the VIP option comes with 360, FHD, HD and ORG sources. And the app is completely free from advertisements. It supports through Android TV APP and Apple TV App. And MovieBox Pro is faster than MovieBox Free.

Why Gmail is required to log in?

Of course, the app requires a Gmail to register you for a few reasons. The free app of MovieBox has to reinstall several times. Thus, the app needs the Google account to save history and favorite movies safely for the user. Google account system is the best way to save your activities and for the user to easily bring back everything even after reinstalling the app.

What are the compatible iOS versions?

As recommended, the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch should function iOS 11.3 or later for better coverage. But you can try later versions too unto iOS 7.0 unless the error “Safari can’t open page because URL is invalid” will popup during loin.

Can I Download MovieBox Pro on computer?

Yes of course. Those who wish to bring this exceptional app on PC or laptop too got a separate method. We call it Android emulator and that can find out as Bluestacks and so on which can help you to install MovieBox on PC.

MovieBox alternatives


There is no doubt that you all heard about this gigantic offer for movie lovers. It is a premium package that you can bring on your smart TV, PlayStation, Apple TV, Chromecast, Xbox, Blu-ray player and further. The free trial will let you know how it works and it is worth being a paid movie streaming app.


ShowBox is another popular alternative to MovieBox. But, it can only bring on Android devices as ShowBox APK. This too has a large store with movies and TV shows and that disclosed as an installation over 2 million.


ZiniTevi is a video streaming app for iOS, iPadOS and Android devices. It can launch on smart TV, Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, FireStick, PlayStation, MiBox, Xbox and so on. Though this is a new release, it became a trending app because of those amazing features that it surrounded such as favorite and watched lists, background mode to download multiple videos at the same time, a long language list for captions and so on. It perfect with handsets running iOS 9.0 and over and Android 5.0 and higher.


So, MediaBox is the next on our suggestions. It has a huge movie, cartoon, TV shows and TV series collection that capable to bring on both iOS and Android. It is a well-designed video streaming platform with many interesting features.


At last but not least, Popcorn Apk is another perfect platform for movie lovers to easily find out ones that they love. It offers high-quality TV shows and movies without any restrictions. You can save your time and simply stream whatever video you love to watch and enjoy your leisure with this great movie store.

Wrapping up MovieBox Download

MovieBox download is a well—known app that we can reach a heap of collection of TV shows and Movies. You can set up the application on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android or PC. MovieBox has two separate options as paid and free options. In the same manner, MovieBox Pro option surrounds more than the free package. So it is up to you to decide which is the package that should install on your device? The best part of MovieBox is it contains enjoyable cartoon series, TV shows, Videos, tailors and more in many categories and qualities like HD quality. And finally, we want you to keep in your mind that MovieBox Download is for both jailbreak and non-jailbreak devices. However, let’s get ready to download the latest version of MovieBox APK and enjoy trending deals.